Did we learn nothing from George W. Bush?

Did we learn nothing from George W. Bush?

When a President is having problems and his approval rating is at 35% and falling, all said President has to do is fire off a few missiles at an air strip, claim success (whether or not the event was actually successful isn’t material) and the American people jump on the missile, our politicians straddle the missile as well as our complicit media people.

George W. Bush lied about WMD to start an expensive war with Iraq. The result of Bush’s lie was almost 5,000 dead Americans, 137,000 wounded Americans at a cost of a trillion dollars to the tax payer… and today the middle east is no safer and terrorist are still attacking Americans and the rest of the world.

It’s as if a missile attack is some metaphor for masculine potency. It’s really sad that all a failing Republican President has to do to lift his sagging poll numbers with the American people is fire off his missile.

Donald Trump is concerned about the babies in Syria, until the babies from Syria are refugees with their parents who need to come to America to escape the violence in Syria. Donald Trump is concerned with the babies in Syria while babies in America suffer from this tax policy and health care policy.

One thing the American people and the media can take to the bank as a result of their faith and acceptance of Donald Trump’s pathetic action to bolster his poor poll numbers and it’s simply this: a lot of money will be spent to make the American war machine wealthy and dead Americans coming home to America in body bags through Dover.

Republicans are looking for anything from Mr. Trump they can latch onto as Presidential and it’s really funny that the one thing Republicans find exciting about Trump  is he fired his missile…

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