Story for February 28, 2017



“And they lost Ryan.”

Why Trump is so obsessed with generals

The president-elect is infatuated with martial swagger and Hollywood’s Patton — which is why he’s filling his Cabinet with top military brass.


“This was a mission that was started before I got here,” Trump said. “This was something that was, uh, you know, they wanted to do. They came to see me, they explained what they wanted to do, the generals, who are very respected. My generals are the most respected that we’ve had in many decades, I believe. And they lost Ryan.”





Is It Watergate Yet?

How many illegal acts does it take to finally get rid of this corrupt administration?

As Donald Trump and his subordinates lash out wildly in their campaign to suppress discussion of his presidential campaign’s alleged collusion with the Kremlin, they conjure visions of a truly monumental scandal. With their latest attempts to manipulate the FBI and intimidate the Washington press corps, they clumsily encourage comparisons with Watergate—although, as usual with this crew, it isn’t so simple to distinguish malevolence from incompetence.

READ: Alternet

Jon Stewart Dresses Down the Media: “Stop Your Whining” and Hold Trump Accountable

Once again Monday night, Jon Stewart joined Stephen Colbert to share his thoughts about President Trumps war on the free press.






The 3 investigations into Trump and Russia are all hopelessly compromised

The case for an independent investigation just got stronger.

READ: Think Progress



I can only hope that what Chaffetz says about paid protesters is true. Because if it is, I really want to find out where I can sign up! I mean, getting in the face of someone like Chaffetz in public and watching him sweat and squirm is very rewarding in itself. But dare I fantasize that I could actually be paid to do that, too? Talk about a dream job!

READ: The Progressive




Any correlation between Trump’s rhetoric and the hate crime in Kansas is “absurd,” White House says. Really?


READ:  Salon



Could There Be an American Reichstag Fire?

Don’t Underestimate Trump

The fire that destroyed the Reichstag gave Hitler a pretext to seize total power.

READ: Alternet




“Want Lies with that Whopper…




‘Massive pro-Trump demonstrations’ not so massive

Just hundreds of people showed up for what was billed as a massive day of rallies nationwide in support of President Trump.



House Republicans Are Helping Donald Trump Keep His Tax Returns Secret
House Republicans shot down a Democrat-led effort to release the returns.

Read Huffington Post




Want a measure of just how dumb Donald Trump REALLY is?

Trump: ‘Nobody knew’ health care so complicated

The president is just now discovering what everyone who knows anything about health care already takes for granted – the policy is hard and the politics are even harder.



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