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In this situation, I trust the feeble efforts of an individual, to lead the minds of the people to a wise and prudent determination, cannot fail of being acceptable to the candid and dispassionate part of the community. Encouraged by this consideration, I have been induced to offer my thoughts upon the present important crisis of our public affairs.

Perhaps this country never saw so critical a period in their political concerns. We have felt the feebleness of the ties by which these United-States are held together, and the want of sufficient energy in our present confederation, to manage, in some instances, our general concerns.

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Got Insurance?

Not if Mr. Trump has anything to do with it…

WASHINGTON ― White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders declined to assure Americans on Sunday that anyone currently covered under the Affordable Care Act would not lose their coverage under President Donald Trump’s health care plan.

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NBC’s Chuck Todd: “Whenever A Story Breaks” On Trump’s Ties To Russia, “Press Bashing … Seems To Escalate

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Cotton on Russia Inquiry: ‘Getting Ahead of Ourselves’ to Call for Special Prosecutor

WASHINGTON – As the Senate Intelligence Committee probes Russia’s attempts to influence the last U.S. election, Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., told Chuck Todd on “Meet The Press” on Sunday that he felt they would be getting “way, way getting ahead of ourselves” to say a special prosecutor was necessary. 

“There’s no allegations of any crime occurring,” said Cotton, a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. “There’s not even an indication that there’s criminal investigations underway by the FBI as opposed to counter-intelligence investigations.”

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Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump

Father Of SEAL Killed In Yemen To Trump: ‘Don’t Hide Behind My Son’s Death’

The father of a U.S. commando killed during the first counter-terrorism operation of President Donald Trump’s term in office said Friday that Trump shouldn’t “hide behind” his son’s death to avoid an investigation into the mission.

“Don’t hide behind my son’s death to prevent an investigation,” William Owens, the father of Chief Special Warfare Operator William “Ryan” Owens, said in an interviewwith the Miami Herald. “The government owes my son an investigation.”



America last: The case for moral disengagement from politics in the age of Trump

We may well be seeing the rise of fascism — but Democrats and liberals have helped make it possible. Just say no!


Trump to press: ‘we’re going to do something about it’

Bob Woodward, Glenn Thrush and Dan Rather discuss Trump’s speech at CPAC and his renewed attack

The DNC Chair Race Is Over. Now Comes the Real Battle.

And to think, that was the easy part. Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez was elected as chair of the Democratic National Committee on Saturday, edging out Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison in the first competitive election for the job in decades. The 55-year-old Perez, the first Latino chair of the party, will now inherit the most thankless job in politics—rebuilding a party that is at its lowest point since the 1920s.

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Leaked report suggests millions could lose coverage under GOP health proposal…

Republican replacement plans for Obamacare would lead to significant declines in the number of Americans with health insurance coverage, according to an analysis presented Saturday at the National Governors Association and obtained by Vox.


Trump Is the Government

His flap with the FBI—and his disregard for agencies in his own administration—reveals a presidency of dangerous self-centeredness and isolation…


A Deafening Silence

Two Indian nationals were shot by a man yelling racial epithets. The president said nothing. That’s all we need to know about who matters in Trump’s America.


At CPAC, Betsy DeVos Takes the Wrong Lesson from Obama’s Education Reforms…

The report was honest enough to offer a plausible explanation for that failure—the grants not only delivered money, but delivered specific instructions for how the money would be spent, instructions dictated by the folks in D.C.

School improvement grants were like food stamps that could only be spent on baby formula, ostrich eggs, and venison—and it didn’t matter if the families receiving the stamps lived on a farm with fresh milk and chicken eggs, or if they were vegetarians, or if they lived where no store sells ostrich eggs, or if there were no babies in the family. The Department of Education used the grants to dictate strategy and buy compliance with their micro-managing notions about how schools had to be fixed.

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The First 100 Lies: The Trump Team’s Flurry Of Falsehoods

The president and his aides succeeded in reaching the mark in just 36 days.

To say that President Donald Trump has a casual relationship with the truth would be a gross understatement. He has repeatedly cited debunked conspiracy theories, pushed voter fraud myths, and embellished his record and accomplishments. The barrage of falsehoods has been so furious that journalists have taken to issuing instant fact-checks during press conferences and calling out false statements during cable news broadcasts.

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By Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-17049/Beorg Paul

In 1933, the year Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) became chancellor of Germany, he named Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945), his trusted friend and colleague, to the key post of minister for public enlightenment and propaganda. In this capacity, Goebbels was charged with presenting Hitler to the public in the most favorable light, regulating the content of all German media and fomenting anti-Semitism. Goebbels forced Jewish artists, musicians, actors, directors and newspaper and magazine editors into unemployment, and staged a public burning of books that were considered ”un-German.”

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The propaganda used by the German Nazi Party in the years leading up to and during Adolf Hitler‘s leadership of Germany (1933–1945) was a crucial instrument for acquiring and maintaining power, and for the implementation of Nazi policies. The pervasive use of propaganda by the Nazis is largely responsible for the word “propaganda” itself acquiring its present negative connotations.

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President Escalates Feud with Media, Will Skip Annual D.C. Gala
Trump uses tweet to announce he won’t attend White House Correspondents Dinner

By using the social media site, the president took the news directly to the public and went around the press in another symbolic jab at media outlets. He made the announcement one day after his White House excluded some organizations, including CNN, Time and CQ Roll Call, from a “gaggle” with Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and after Trump lambasted the press as “enemies of the people.”

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Replace Trump with Alec Baldwin at White House press dinner…

Following the president’s announcement that he would not be attending the event, social media was quick to suggest the ‘SNL’ Trump impersonator take his place.

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