The Trouble With Normal-Day 7

donald-trump-open-mouth‘LOOOOOOOOSER!’: The internet mocks Trump’s loss from the Ninth Circuit

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Appeals Court Deals New Blow to Donald Trump’s Travel Ban Targeting Muslims
The president’s beleaguered executive order won’t be reinstated, and will remain stuck in the courts for a while.

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A three-judge federal appeals court panel on Thursday refused to reinstate President Donald Trump’s executive order barring entry to the U.S. of nationals from seven predominantly Muslim nations.


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The Mysterious Disappearance of the Biggest Scandal in Washington


An editorial in Tuesday’s Sun-Times is correct. There should be an immediate and thorough investigation of President Trump’s personnel and financial connections to Russian President Vladimir Putin. But it should be an independent investigation, conducted by the likes of Colin Powell or someone of his stature, with subpoena power to access Trump’s tax returns. Given FBI director James Comey’s blatant attempt to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, I  have no confidence in the FBI. We need to look behind the curtain before it’s too late!

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In his most surreal defense yet of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump on Saturday brushed off a question about Putin’s sorry record on human rights. Worse than that, Trump implied a moral equivalency — that the United States is no better.


Whatever happened to the Trump-Russia story?

The biggest election-related scandal since Watergate occurred last year, and it has largely disappeared from the political-media landscape of Washington.

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Donald Trump has successfully buried the story that worries him most



Even though there are mountains of evidence. Even though the implications literally include an existential threat to the United States. Even though it is, by any measure, the greatest scandal ever to affect this or any other administration … the story has utterly vanished from the media:

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How Democratic Socialists Are Building on Bernie’s Momentum
Membership in the Democratic Socialists of America is way up – now, can the group become a major force against Trump?


The nearly 100 DSA members who’ve gathered at the Friendship Auditorium in Griffith Park on this Saturday afternoon erupt in cheers and applause, after hours of presentations by speakers at least twice Allison’s age.

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Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump’s Attack Against Nordstrom — By Advertising Ivanka’s Products
“I’m going to give a free commercial here. Go buy it today, everybody.”


White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway defended President Donald Trump attacking Nordstrom for dropping his daughter’s fashion line, telling Americans on Thursday to “go buy Ivanka’s stuff.”

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Judge Gorsuch criticized Trump. The president isn’t handling it very well.

Trump’s SCOTUS pick called Trump’s attacks on the judiciary “demoralizing” and “disheartening.”


Later Thursday morning, Trump opined that since CNN host Chris Cuomo didn’t ask Blumenthal about his military exaggeration during an interview where the senator restated Gorsuch’s criticism of the president, the whole thing was “fake news.”

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Presidential Trump….?



Could Nordstrom Sue Trump for His Angry Ivanka Tweet?

A top ethics lawyer says the company should.

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Did Kellyanne Conway Just Break Federal Ethics Rules by Promoting Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Line?
Experts say the top Trump aide went too far.

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Donald Trump’s Coming Police State: We Have a President Who Wants Unlimited Power and Won’t Respect the Rule of Law

He wasn’t kidding about being the “law and order” president. What that will mean looks more chilling every day.

Mika: Elizabeth Warren Could Be A Nightmare For GOP In ’20 | Morning Joe | MSNBC

CNN Had It In Them the Whole Time | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Donald and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Sanctuary Cities | TBS


Morning Joe hosts call out GOP on Trump: ‘We’re talking about the sanctity of our constitution’

“Some of the dangerous autocrats of the 20th century, their two goals were to, first, undermine an independent judiciary, and, second, to undermine a free press,” the “Morning Joe” host said. “This crosses a bright, bright line that conservatives in my party need to start talking about and need to start pushing back on.”


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U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham speaks during a news conference in Cairo



Lindsey Graham: Silencing Elizabeth Warren Was ‘Long Overdue’

“She is clearly running for the nomination in 2020,” he said.

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Another fake attack: Sean Spicer referenced nonexistent Atlanta attack three times…

Team Trump can’t seem to get that their darlings on the far right are often responsible for violent terrorism

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There was actually a terrorist attack in Atlanta, though — unlike Bowling Green. But that attack was by a right-wing extremist, Eric Rudolph. Motivated by a violent hatred of women and homosexuals, Rudolph went on a terrorist spree throughout the United States in the 1990s, most infamously a bombing of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics that left one person dead and 247 more injured.

Trump loses case to cover Jr’s failure, lawyer lies to TRMS

Rachel Maddow updates previous reporting on Donald Trump’s attempt to use a legal loophole to shield his son from responsibilities associated with a failed business in South Carolina, with news that the ruling went against Trump, and Trump’s lawyer is shown to have lied to The Rachel Maddow Show.
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Schumer: GOP ‘lost their cool’ when Warren read King letter

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer talks with Rachel Maddow about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell using an obscure parliamentary trick to get Senator Elizabeth Warren to stop reading a letter by Coretta Scott King about the racism of Senator Jeff Sessions.
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