Here’s A Thing…

Recently I set a goal of learning how to write an essay.

A 5 paragraph essay with an Introduction, a topic sentence and a thesis.  Five paragraphs with 3 for the body and a 5th for the conclusion.

I collect video with a google search, and written instructions on how to write an essay.  A recipe for the craft of essay writing.  The available information about the 4 types of essays, identifying a topic, the thesis statement, the introduction, the outline, the body, and the conclusion is unrelenting.  One difficulty has been the blur between an essay and a research paper.  Some of the essays on how to write an essay seem to blend the two.  So my goal of writing is leading me to a lot of reading.

I purchase 2 books located in the Essay classification at Barnes and Nobles.  I’m not certain the books qualify as essay instruction.  I peruse the section of books for a collection of essays that I can use as a guide.  Something to show me what a good thesis statement is.  Something to give me an idea of the form for a an essay.  I’m not familiar with either of the authors or the books.  I scanned the book stack, looked at the covers and picked 2 books.

The first is The Trip to Echo Spring on Writers and Drinking by Olivia Lang and the second is metaphor by Denis Donoghue.  I read the opening page from the first book which begins with the sentence “Here’s a thing” (1).  I always heard the phrase to be here’s the thing or so, here’s the thing.  Here’s a thing bothered me because I never heard anyone say “here’s a thing.”  Bothered me so much I chose as my domain when I created my WordPress account.

My interest include reading, photography, videography, drone flying, computers, programming, classical music, and more.  Seems I should be able to identify a topic and write 5 paragraphs a week with about 500 words?  So far with this post, I have 330 words.

I’m also interested in politics, but I hope not to involve my “essay” with political partisanship.  But, I do hope to be able to create perhaps metaphorical comments when the need might arise.

I had a thought and from the time I had the thought and logged into my account, I lost the thought….

… but I think the thought had something to do with my post over the week end coming up…  December 5 – 7…. I need a topic, a thesis and 500 words.

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