NY Dem has a brilliant way to troll Republicans who are afraid to face the music after voting for Trumpcare


Democrats should ADOPT a Republican House District..


“Maybe a Democrat ought to go into every district where a Republican who supported TrumpCare won’t hold a town hall meeting, and do it for them,” Maloney told Maddow “I think every Republican who voted for this thing ought to have to stand in front of their voters and explain it.”



Republicans prepared a huge celebration before voting to take away health care from millions

I think we all remember what we got from the last Republican to proclaim “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED…”


Beer, Braveheart, obscenities, scooters, White House parties, and punching into the end zone.

It’s possible that Ryan had beer available after the vote to celebrate — the bill would end the Medicaid expansion in Obamacare even more quickly that Ryan’s original bill — because Vice reporter Alexandra Jaffe spotted many cases of beer arriving at the Capitol prior to the vote.



This Reporter Couldn’t Be More Wrong About Anti-Trump Activism


Fact Check: A Historic Number of Activists Have Taken To The Streets To Protest The Trump Regime

New York Times White House correspondent Michael Shear claimed during the May 5 edition of CNN’s Inside Politics that there hasn’t been “the [same] kind of intense activism on the Democratic side” against President Donald Trump and his administration as there was “instantly in the Tea Party revolt” against former President Barack Obama.

For Instance:

On Trump’s first day in office, an estimated 3.2 to 5.2 million people marched in the Women’s March across the United States and even more people marched around the world. There was even a march in Antarctica.

By contrast, the largest protest during Obama’s first few months was the Tea Party protest on Tax Day 2009. A nonpartisan analysis showed that it drew 300,000 total attendees across the country despite heavy promotion and participation by Fox News and major conservative donor groups.

How being a mom could become a ‘preexisting condition’



Why do Republicans and Donald Trump HATE Mothers and Pre Born Babies…?


The health-care plan House Republicans passed Thursday opens the door for states to upcharge people with preexisting conditions — including pregnancy, health policy analysts warned.

The risk of higher premiums for women of childbearing age arises from the so-called MacArthur amendment — crafted by Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.) — which allows states to propose their own “essential benefits” package.

Under this amendment, here are estimated hikes in premiums for ppl w/:
Asthma: $4k
Diabetes: $5.5k
Pregnancy: $17k
Arthritis: $26k
Cancer: $140k!



Up to 7 Million Veterans Could See Their Health Care Ruined


Among the great many negatives in the Republican plan to repeal Obamacare, it seems that one of their hastily-added “improvements” to the bill could wind up making 7 million military veterans ineligible for health care tax credits. Indeed, the very party that shamelessly exploits our troops out of political expediency–feigning patriotism in the form of tacky flag pins is now screwing veterans Worst of all, Press Secretary Sean Spicer has absolutely no answer for it. The snafu was discovered by Chris Jacobs, the Former Policy Advisor for the House Republican Conference under Chairman Mike Pence. Here was what Jacobs discovered:

The most recent estimates suggest about 9.1 million individuals are enrolled in VA health programs. However, a 2014 Congressional Budget Office score of veterans’ choice legislation concluded that about 8 million [veterans] qualify to enroll in VA’s health system but have not enrolled. Subtracting for VA enrollment gains since that CBO score leaves approximately seven million veterans eligible for, but not enrolled in, VA health programs, and thus potentially affected by the House’s ‘technical’ change.