The attempted cover-up of Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia is slowly falling apart…


It’s déjà vu all over again.




As the Trump Russia story continues to stutter forward, comparisons to Watergate are everywhere — and justifiably so. The revelations and denials, the slow unraveling of deception, the critical role of a free and independent press challenging the cover-up and digging for the truth are all very familiar, especially to those of us who actually were in Washington back during those peculiar days and nights of Richard Nixon.





Democrats responded to reports that Michael Flynn is seeking immunity from prosecution over his ties to Russia by suggesting that the former national security adviser might be hiding something.

Flynn, who resigned following reports that he misled Vice President Mike Pence about conversations he’d had with the Russian ambassador, offered testimony to the FBI, the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee, according to the Wall Street Journal. All three are currently investigating President Donald Trump’s contact with the Kremlin.

Lock him up: Michael Flynn doesn’t deserve immunity. He deserves to get what he dished out

Flynn’s immunity gambit is pathetic and doomed. Worse yet, it’s straight out of the failed Oliver North playbook