Why is the FACT that Karen Handel was a member of Log Cabin Republicans important…?


It’s important because she lied about her membership when it was of benefit to her to do so and she joined when it was of political benefit to do so… what else is Karen Handel lying about and what else will she lie about if given a chance…?


But the evidence is overwhelming that Handel did indeed belong to the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans — whether or not she remembers it. Newspapers reported it. A membership list backs it up. And the man running the organization at the time swears by it.
Handel and her handlers, however, still choose to deny it. This might have rated a False on the Truth-O-Meter. But the complex dance Handel has engaged in over this issue moves it up a notch. Seems the metro Atlanta temperatures aren’t the only thing a bit overheated these days. We give her a Pants On Fire.


Read about her lie… POLITIFACT

Handel brings her complicated record on LGBT issues to the race.

In the early 2000s as a candidate for the Fulton County Commission and later its chair, Handel sought out LGBT support and became a member of the Log Cabin Republicans. As chair of the commission, Handel supported a grant for a non-profit that helped LGBT youth.

But by 2006, when she was elected Secretary of State, and later in a hotly contested GOP primary for governor in 2010, Handel disavowed her LGBT-friendly positions of the past. She came out againstcivil unions and same-sex marriage, said she agreed with banning adoptions by gay parents, criticized “liberal judges” for striking down a gay marriage ban in California, and opposed federal benefits for LGBT domestic partners.


Karen Handel attended both Prince George’s Community College and The University of Maryland, but did not complete any degree.

In 2009, like Sarah Palin Handel resigned as Georgia Secretary of State to run for Governor and lost… Handel later ran for Senate and lost….

The Governor Race primary campaign was particularly heated, and Handel’s past membership in the gay rights group Log Cabin Republicans became an issue.[23] When Deal used her membership against her, Handel denied that she had ever been a member of the group, which was an important and influential constituency when she was a commissioner. Politifact rated her denial a “Pants on Fire” lie.[23] When asked by Atlanta NBC affiliate WXIA-TV about her stance on gay rights, she said that she was against marriage and adoption for gays.[24]

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… Karen Handel sounds like the kinda loser Georgia needs in the US Congress…


The Woman Who Blew Up The Race For The Cure Faces Jon Ossoff In Georgia

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Karen Handel has experience and name recognition. But, in a race which is being framed as a referendum on the Trump presidency, will she align or distance herself from him?
In November’s presidential race, Mr Trump only beat Hillary Clinton in this district by the tiniest of margins.

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The reality is that Ossoff is basically the only Democrat running a viable campaign. There are 16 candidates total, 11 of whom are Republicans. As the only serious Democrat with a chance, Ossoff is polling just about where you’d expect him to be polling at 40 percent. (The Democrat running against Price in November won an eerily similar 38 percent of the vote.)

OSSOFF improved 10% from the November election… he only needs to improve 2 % in the June election… Other got 3.7% of the vote… 


Who is Karen Handel?

Ms. Handel gained national attention in 2012 when she was a senior official at the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a breast-cancer charity. With Ms. Handel serving as a senior vice president for policy, the foundation announced its intent to cut funding for screenings with Planned Parenthood, the women’s health care and abortion provider. An uproar ensued, and Ms. Handel, who opposes abortion rights, quickly resigned from the group. The foundation swiftly restored Planned Parenthood’s eligibility for grants.

Aircraft Carrier Wasn’t Sailing to Deter North Korea, as U.S. Suggested

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How Did the Trump Administration Lose an Aircraft Carrier?
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Aircraft Carrier Wasn’t Sailing to Deter North Korea, as U.S. Suggested

Here are 6 things you should know about Republican Karen Handel ahead of the Georgia runoff election


Republican Karen Handel is headed to a runoff against Democrat Jon Ossoff, who came just short of the 50 percent required to win a special election on Tuesday.



After taking 48.1 percent in Tuesday night’s special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, Jon Ossoff will face Republican Karen Handel in the June 20 run-off election. Handel, who took 19.8 percent, is a former Georgia secretary of state and chair of the Fulton County Commission who has unsuccessfully run for governor and Senate. But in recent years, Handel is probably best known—and notorious—for her time at Susan G. Komen for the Cure, which ended after her failed, politically motivated effort to get the organization to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood to perform cancer screenings.