Dedicated to every MAGA White Evangelical Christian who has lost the way.

Good human beings wouldn’t vote for someone like Trump. However, I’m more focused on the White Evangelical Christian, who claim to have this special relationship with God the Son, God the Father and the third piece of the puzzle, the Holy Ghost.

They claim to follow the teachings found in the Bible. The Ten Commandments, Commandment 7… Trump’s favorite. They accept the words of the Bible as infallible, each word being a guide in how one should conduct their lives. All the Red Letters found in the New Testament, the Words of Jesus, the Son of God, and yet, these White Evangelical Christians FALL far short when choosing between the words of Jesus and the words of Trump.

There are two primary sources of information about voting by religious groups this year. One is a continuation of the traditional exit polls conducted by Edison Research. These involve stopping voters at actual voting places both on Election Day and during early voting periods, supplemented by phone surveys of absentee and early voters. The other is AP VoteCast, a massive effort to understand how people voted, carried out by The Associated Press and NORC at the University of Chicago. Their surveying uses a number of different sample sources, with interviews conducted by phone, by mail and online in the days and weeks before the election.

The AP VoteCast survey shows that 81% of White evangelical Protestant voters went for Trump this year, compared with 18% who voted for Biden. The Edison exit polls estimate that 76% of White evangelicals voted for Trump, 24% for Biden.

Gallup Poll

Dedicated to every MAGA White Evangelical Christian who has lost the way.

The estimate of White Evangelical Christians who claim to be a follower of Jesus but vote for the adulterer, the criminal, the abuser of women, the sad excuse for a human being, Mr. Trump is between 75 % and 81%.

This is who this post is intended for. They really need to challenge themselves. Do good Christians vote for Donald Trump?  

I saw the movie Black Narcissus on TCM a few nights ago, a story a group of nuns who struggle to establish a convent in the Himalayas, while isolation, extreme weather, altitude, and culture clashes all conspire to drive the well-intentioned missionaries mad.

There is a white man who has lived among the inhabitants for many years. After one particular event, the Mother Superior is beside herself with how to deal with some of the situations she is encountering. He looks at her and says simply, “What would Jesus do?”

SO what would Jesus do when it comes time to vote for Trump?