Trump’s theology of hate…

Donald Trump has unleashed a new theology of hate in America. Republicans, who claim to be the guardians of the “Christian” religion in America, embrace the Trump theology of hate without flinching.

Recently, in Nashville, three 9 year old children were shot by a disturbed person who purchased, LEGALLY, 7 weapons of death, 3 of the weapons were AR-15s, and all Republicans do is provide “thoughts and prayers”. Thoughts and prayers is all Republicans do after all the murders of young children with weapons of death.

You can bet that after the next murder of young children with weapons of death, all we will get from Republicans are prayers and thoughts, which apparently do nothing to protect the young children.

I think God has stopped listening to Republicans. For reasons that are readily apparent if you are paying attention. The theology of hate just doesn’t sit well with God.

And Trumpist MAGA Republicans are disciples of the principle purveyor of this theology of hate, Donald Trump.