60 Minutes Softballs Greene

‘We Fact-Checked’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Caught Lying in ’60 Minutes’ Interview

The extremist lawmaker tried to rewrite history during a widely criticized interview with CBS journalist Lesley Stahl.


Over the past few years there has been a lot of talk about the mainstream media “normalizing” and “mainstreaming” the white nationalist fringe that has risen to prominence under the Trump regime. They have been reasonably successful at providing context for stories about groups like the Proud Boys and have done a decent job of reporting on events like January 6. But they just can’t seem to wrap their minds around how to deal with the insurrectionist caucus in Congress.

The interview started with Stahl rattling off a list of rude descriptions people have applied to Greene, as if she’s the real victim of rhetorical assaults. Then the two went into a long back-and-forth about the debt ceiling because Greene is so important now that we must take her seriously on the issues. (Greene’s answer to what cuts she would make was to cancel “Green New Deal” spending and Covid relief assistance. On that, she didn’t sound much more foolish than most GOP members of Congress.)


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