Planet OZ

As a humorous anecdote, Oz tells Kimmel, “This is a 25 gauge needle,” he explains. “So, you can’t do much damage with this thing. When I was a kid, I’ll tell you a quick story. I was so fascinated by needles, I used to find — my dad was a physician. I used to find these needles in his desk. And I noticed those little holes in the top of the orange. Where the pores are. I would put the needle through the pore and get orange juice out. Then I noticed one day that my sister’s head had little pores in it too.”

He goes on to say that he remembers creeping up behind her, “and I threw it in there, and it didn’t go in! The skull got in the way! I got no brain — I got nothing back. My mom just whacked me that time. Yeah. Absolutely took me out.”

Source:  Rawstory

Oz: “The skull got in the way. I got no brain— I got nothing back.”