Do NOTHING Republicans do nothing for America…EXCEPT DO NOTHING!

Do NOTHING Republicans have a new buzz word to throw at the American people: RECESSION. 

Do NOTHING Republicans did nothing to solve the inflation problem and will do nothing to help solve the recession problem, except do nothing.

After all, the Do NOTHING Republicans have done nothing about the Fascist Trumpist attack on American Democracy on January 6, 2021. 

Do NOTHING Republicans are doing nothing to protect the planet and mitigate the quickly changing climate.  

Do NOTHING Republicans will do nothing to restore the rights of women to control their own bodies. 

The Do Nothing Republicans Only Want Power

Today’s Republican Party is the Do Nothing Party, in Washington, in Frankfort, and throughout the country. 

On education, the Do Nothing Republicans want to cut federal spending and undermine public education through charter schools. They don’t want to do anything about $1.7 trillion in outstanding student debt.

On health care, the Do Nothing Republicans tried for eight years to repeal the Affordable Care Act without offering an alternative, and the Trump Administration consistently sabotaged the Act, aka Obamacare, through executive action.

On infrastructure, the Do Nothings promised a major initiative and never came up with one, and in fact, opposed a Democratic measure that passed the House.

On immigration reform, the Do Nothings blocked comprehensive reform in 2013, and during the Trump years did everything they could to make immigration more difficult and crueler, while doing nothing to fix our broken system. 

On virtually everything else — the climate crisis, voting rights, housing, poverty and food security, pension reform, cybersecurity, big tech, and, of course, gun safety — you name it, the Do Nothings are, and have been, missing in action.

Do NOTHING Republicans will do nothing to protect America from the looming White Christian Nationalist attack on American Democracy, except participate in the attack.

Do NOTHING Republicans do nothing to protect the health care of our Veterans, except gloat about voting against health care assistance for Veterans.  


Do NOTHING Republicans do nothing when Trump says the following: “Well, nobody’s gotten to the bottom of 9/11, unfortunately, and they should have.”  Except maybe go play golf with Trump and the Saudi murders.

More Bad News for Do Nothing Republicans

Do NOTHING Republicans do nothing to protect children and teachers in public schools, except to continue to push all the things that haven’t worked to protect children and teachers in public schools, probably because most Do NOTHING Republicans send their children to private schools. 

GOP ‘Do Nothings’ ignore our very real problems

And Do NOTHING Republicans have done nothing to protect Americans from “the gun” in other group venues.

Do-Nothing Republicans Abandon Working Class

It would appear that the only thing that a Do NOTHING Republican is successful at, is to simply continue to DO NOTHING.