Jesus, guns and babies

In Georgia’s 2022 GOP gubernatorial primary, one of the candidates was even more extreme than former Sen. David Perdue: Christian nationalist and far-right conspiracy theorist Kandiss Taylor, whose campaign theme was “Jesus, guns and babies.” Taylor campaigned on ridding Georgia’s government of Satanic influence, winning only 3.4 percent of the vote when the primary was held on May 24. But Taylor, in true MAGA fashion, is claiming that the election results are false — and in order to prove it, she is asking Georgia residents to sign notarized affidavits saying that they voted for her.


Taylor, who describes herself as “the only candidate bold enough to stand up to the Luciferian Cabal,” is unlikely to receive her party’s gubernatorial nomination. An Insider Advantage/Fox 5 Atlanta poll released in early May found Kemp leading Perdue by 16% and Taylor by 50%. In that poll, a mere 4% of Georgia Republicans favor Taylor.

Nonetheless, Taylor isn’t the only Georgia Republican who has claimed that the Georgia Guidestones are part of a Satanic plot. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is seeking reelection in the 2022 midterms, railed against the Guidestones in a Facebook post in 2018.

Economically, the Georgia Guidestones have been great for Elbert County. They are a major tourist attraction, and isn’t uncommon for tourists visiting Atlanta to drive out to Elbert County to see them. But in MAGA World, economic concerns can easily take a back seat to wacky conspiracy theories.


Taylor, a far right Christian nationalist who ran on a conspiracy theory-ridden platform challenging the so-called “Luciferian Cabal” of supposed elites in the government, received only 3.4 percent of the votes, losing to Kemp by an over 70-point margin and trailing behind runner-up David Perdue by over 18 points.

The race had been called for Kemp on the night of the primary last Tuesday. Perdue was the Trump-endorsed candidate and the only Republican gubernatorial candidate who stood any chance of unseating Kemp in this year’s race. He called Kemp to concede last Tuesday night as official sources called the race.