100+ GOP Candidates Feature Guns as a Talking Point in 2022 Campaign Ads


“If you’re only going to watch one thing today, make it this,” Indivisible tweeted, sharing the two-minute video produced by communications consultant Timothy Burke.



One of Arizona’s top GOP gubernatorial candidates is pushing a gun rights ad in the wake of the Uvalde, Texas, mass shooting. Republican businesswoman Karrin Taylor Robson began running the political ad a day after the mass shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead. Now, Robson is calling out opponent Kari Lake about her record of gun rights and immigration in the new 30-second ad.


The Real Reason Republicans Are Loading Their 2022 Campaign Ads With Guns

Conservative candidates have responded to the attack on the Capitol by doubling down on firearm worship and violent imagery to court their base


The self-exonerating stories from police after the mass shooting in an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas keep falling apart. The already long list of corrections to initial police reports now has another addition: exoneration for the teacher who police falsely implicated in the shooting by claiming she propped open a back door that the shooter used to get into the school. The Texas Department of Safety has since revealed that the teacher actually did shut the door, but that it simply didn’t lock as it should.

The Uvalde police’s story has changed so often that the journalists who keep track of the shifting narrative deserve hazard pay. It’s gotten so bad that the Uvalde police have stopped cooperating with the state investigation into the failures that led to cops standing outside the classroom while children locked in with an active shooter kept calling 911 and begging for help. The false story of the careless teacher looks now like yet another attempt to deflect blame from the cops. Scapegoating a school teacher is a particularly low move considering that it appears that the two teachers who died that day were among the few adults who had the courage to attempt to protect the children.


NYT Finding Determines 100+ GOP Candidates and Groups Featured Guns as a Talking Point in 2022 Campaign Ads

 As of this year, 25 states have implemented constitutional carry laws.

More than 100 TV ads from Republican candidates and conservative-aligned groups showed or used guns as a talking point this year, according to a recent finding from The New York Times. In comparison, fewer than two dozen ads from Democratic candidates and their groups touched on guns or gun violence.

Across GOP midterm ads, guns are fired, brandished, and discussed. Candidates also frequently praise the Second Amendment and say they will work to stop gun reform legislation. The imbalance between the two parties’ ads highlights the divide on the issue, especially as the U.S. reels from the May 24 mass shooting at a Texas elementary school.