Not the Sharpest Tacks in the box…

New research on Trump voters: They’re not the sharpest tools in the box

Now there’s proof: Trump’s voters lack “cognitive sophistication,” often believe Bible is literal word of God


The United States is experiencing an existential democracy crisis, with leading Republicans and millions of their voters and supporters either tacitly or explicitly embracing authoritarianism or fascism. Democrats, for the most part, have not responded with the urgency required to save America’s democracy from the rising neofascist tide. 

American society was founded on white settler colonialism, genocide and slavery. This unresolved birth defect at the foundation of the American democratic experiment meant that the country was racially exclusionary by design, from the founding well into the 20th century. At present, American politics is contoured by asymmetrical political polarization, in which Republicans have moved so far to the right that the party’s most “moderate” members are far more extreme than the most “conservative” Democrats. This makes substantive compromise and bipartisanship in the interests of the common good and the American people almost impossible.