Jesus WEEPS whenever Republicans Speak…

Tennessee pastors express ’embarrassment’ over Marsha Blackburn’s ‘inappropriate’ behavior

“While most Senators in the Judiciary Committee focused on the qualifications and experience of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, our Senator Marsha Blackburn’s line of questioning was inappropriate and irrelevant, and as a Christian, pastor, and Tennessean, I was embarrassed by her public behavior.”

Rev. Brandon Berg, Pastor of First United Church

“She took past statements by the nominee grossly out of context solely to make political points. Those points had nothing to do with either the truth of the statements or the qualifications of Judge Jackson. Contrary to Senator Blackburn’s suggestion that Judge Jackson had an ‘agenda,’ the opposite was clearly the case. That Senator Blackburn rudely and consistently interrupted Judge Jackson when she tried to answer the legal and judicial issues involved suggests that the Senator’s primary agenda was creating sound bites for her political base. She used terms such as ‘progressivism,’ ‘critical race theory,’ ‘white privilege’ and ‘social justice’ to, I assume, offer an alternative conservative agenda. But what was she conserving? Certainly not the truth, something on which our judiciary and our life in community depend.”

-Rev Billy Vaughan, a Memphis Theological Seminary professor