It’s ALL FAKE and Misinformation…

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s latest floor speech oozed ‘debunked nonsense’ and ‘echoes of Russian propaganda’…

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Congresswoman from North Georgia), continuing to move closer and closer to Russian President Vladimir Putin, says “real Americans” only care about “open borders,” gas prices, and inflation but not Ukraine. She also declared that “COVID doesn’t exist.”

“What real Americans care about is gas prices they can’t afford, inflation that goes up enough to where grocery bills are unaffordable, and they’re very concerned about our out of control open border,” Greene said on the floor of the House Thursday. “Crime is out of control,” she added, ignoring that major crimes like murder are “out of control” mostly in just red states.

The Washington Post called her Facebook Live speech a “10-minute riff,” noting she repeatedly called Ukraine defending itself from the harmful and dangerous Russian attacks and slaughter “a war they cannot win.”

“False claims, debunked nonsense, echoes of Russian propaganda,” is how the Post describes her remarks from Wednesday, in its piece titled “A layer cake of misinformation, dishonesty and pro-Russia apologism.”


Inside Ukraine’s city of hell where lost children buried in mass grave

The bodies of the children all lie here, dumped into a narrow trench hastily dug into the frozen earth of Mariupol to the constant drumbeat of shelling. 

There is 18-month-old Kirill killed by shrapnel to the head, 16-year-old Iliya blown up playing football at a school field, and a girl no older than six in unicorn pyjamas who was among the first of the children to die.

They are stacked together with dozens of others in this mass grave on the outskirts of the city.


Russia bombs Ukrainian maternity hospital: 3 dead, children buried in rubble

A Russian airstrike on a Mariupol maternity hospital that killed three people drew outrage on Thursday, with Ukrainian and British officials branding it a war crime. As efforts to reach a broad cease-fire failed, emergency workers renewed efforts to get vital food and medical supplies into besieged cities, and to get traumatized residents out.

Mariupol’s city council and Ukraine’s president said a child was among the dead in Wednesday’s attack in the southern port. Another 17 people were wounded, including women waiting to give birth, doctors and children buried in the rubble.

By The Associated Press