“Well, that really has nothing to do with being Governor of Arizona. I wasn’t there,” CANDIDATE LAKE replied.


“Let’s be fair on this. Your man, Donald — your man, Donald, brought it up,” speaking to the fact that Trump was part of the GOP and had endorsed Lake. He noted that Trump said that the 2020 election was a lie. She (KARI LAKE) took offense to that.

“He (TRUMP) said they (JAN 6 INSURRECTIONIST) should all be pardoned. Do you think they should be pardoned,” Bartlett asked.

It was a legitimate question, but Lake was too triggered by the phrasing of the question.


Republicans have had a hard time dealing with the questions about Jan. 6 and it appears they still haven’t come up with a way to explain it away.


‘You’re an ally’: Vindman shames Tucker Carlson over Russian plan to promote him on state TV
TUCKER would like for you to believe that it’s all harmless entertainment…

The hashtag TuckyoRose was trending on Sunday as Tucker Carlson became the target of mockery and attacks after it was revealed he was pushed by Russia as part of their propaganda efforts. 

Leaked Kremlin memo urges Russian state media to promote ‘essential’ Tucker Carlson

Trump cites ‘a lot of love’ as reason Putin wants to ‘make his country larger’

On Russia, Trump’s greatest Republican allies drastically misread the signs: msnbc

How did the MAGA wing of the Republican Party so completely misread both the national interests menaced by Russia and the popular response to it?

Leaked Kremlin Memo Told Russian Media To Feature Lots Of Tucker Carlson: Report

The Fox News host was reportedly the only Western journalist that Russia asked its state media to highlight.


Convicted of treason for her infamous “Tokyo Rose” propaganda broadcasts during World War II, American Iva Toguri eventually spent nearly three decades waiting for her name to be cleared.

During World War II, American servicemen regularly huddled around radios to listen to the “Zero Hour,” an English-language news and music program that was produced in Japan and beamed out over the Pacific. The Japanese intended for the show to serve as morale-sapping propaganda, but most G.I.s considered it a welcome distraction from the monotony of their duties. They developed a particular fascination with the show’s husky-voiced female host, who dished out taunts and jokes in between spinning pop records. 

“Greetings, everybody!” she said during one broadcast in 1944. “This is your little playmate—I mean your bitter enemy—Ann, with a program of dangerous and wicked propaganda for my victims in Australia and the South Pacific. Stand by, you unlucky creatures, here I go!”