A ride on Old Wauhatchie Pike at the foot of Lookout Mountain… 2009

I had recently purchased a new 2009 Honda Civic and a new canon camera… the image has been tucked away on a hard drive that is used for backup… I was looking for another image and found this. Somewhere in Wauhatchie 

Roadside Thoughts Wauhatchie Hamilton County Tennessee

Wauhatchie was a 19th-century chieftain of the Cherokee Nation.[1] He lived along Lookout Creek in modern-day Hamilton County, Tennessee.[1] In the War of 1812 he served in a company of Cherokees under Capt. John Brown, Col. Gideon Morgan and Maj. Gen. Andrew Jackson, fighting the Creek Indians from Jan. 17 to April 11, 1814. He was moved west in the Cherokee removal of 1838.[1]

The name Wauhatchie in the Cherokee language means “terrible wolf”.[2]


Located at the foot of Lookout Mountain in southeast Tennessee, the Wauhatchie battlefield is the site of the Battle of Wauhatchie that helped secure necessary supplies for Union soldiers besieged in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on October 28-29, 1863.

Wauhatchie Battlefield

This Cherokee sub-chief lived in the area to the north of the road following the expulsion of his tribe from Georgia and until their forced removal to Indian Territory in 1838. An influential citizen here, he had served in Col. Gideon Morgan’s Cherokee Regiment of Jackson’s Division in the Creek War, and been severely wounded.


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