MTG Should Be an Embarrassment, Not a GOP Superstar…

Daily Beast

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says indefensible and incredibly stupid things. And she’s the new soul of the Republican Party.

She is the poster child for what the Republican Party has morphed into since Donald Trump. Not too bright, uninformed, misinformed, belligerent, loud, and full of HATE.

The Gazpacho Queen is indicative of what the rank and file Republican is all about in 2022.

However, this silver lining has more than a touch of gray. To truly read today’s GOP, you must balance positive developments with competing evidence. For example: Don’t tell the “Gazpacho” police, but the most important endorsement in today’s Republican Party—second only to Donald Trump—is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Not too shabby for someone who has been kicked off of Twitter and her congressional committees. But for those who are hoping the GOP will come to its senses, it’s even more concerning when you put it in context.