“When I say Rudy Giuliani was orchestrating it, I don’t know who came up with the idea, but we know Giuliani was …. at the hub of it,” he said. “Whose idea it was, we still don’t know. But you’re right, there’s no question that regardless of whether it was his idea or not — and we can be sure that it was not — Donald Trump adopted this and ran with this and pressed it publicly, privately, on recordings, in every way shape or form. So to the extent that there is a conspiracy to overturn the election, through the use of these fake electors … to the extent that there was such an illegal conspiracy to defraud the Untied States, the evidence indicates thus far that Donald Trump was involved in that conspiracy.” 

Asked whether the fake electors themselves could also face criminal liability, Goldman responded, “Absolutely.” 

“They were a part of this, particularly the ones who knew that the document they signed was going to be fraudulently certified and sent to Congress,” Goldman said. “They knew that was a forgery. They knew that was bogus. … And so there is absolutely criminal liability, and what I think you will see is, all of these electors running as fast they can to meet with the Department of Justice to cooperate to get themselves out of trouble, and go up the food chain about people who were directing them, and as we know by now, that’s how investigations work.” 


The chief operating officer of Turning Point USA — one of Trump World’s most powerful misinformation groups — was among 11 people in Arizona who falsely claimed to be electors for former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.


Arizona Republican Committeeman Tyler Bowyer was not among 14 people subpoenaed Friday by the House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riot. But his signature on the apparently forged election certificate suggests that signatories in Arizona and six other swing states were hardly obscure.