‘He has no remorse’: Megachurch ‘in shambles’…

…after pastor caught with his pants down — literally

A Tennessee megachurch pastor is on “sabbatical” after being caught on video having an alleged extramarital affair with an employee of the congregation.

Last month, the video showed Pastor Tavner Smith of Venue Church in Chattanooga kissing the woman in a restaurant, prompting at least eight staff members to resign. 

In addition to the video, a group of church volunteers who visited Smith’s home in November found him alone with the woman — “she in a towel, he in his boxers,” the Daily Beast reports. Smith and the woman reportedly claimed they took off their clothes after getting food on them while making hot dogs and chili.

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When volunteers at Venue Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, arrived at their pastor’s house last November, they were hoping to raise his spirits with a surprise visit. Instead they got a shock: Pastor Tavner Smith was alone with a female church employee—she in a towel, he in his boxers.

The charismatic 41-year-old hurriedly explained that the two of them had been making chili and hot dogs and gotten food on their clothes, according to one volunteer who was present. But, as the volunteer put it, “I don’t think none of us was that dumb.”

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