Lord of the LIES…

‘An avalanche of lies’: Trump’s Arizona speech slapped aside by CNN host

CNN host dismissed Trump’s words as an “avalanche of lies.”

During the speech, the president also asserted that his “Stop the Steal” rally crowd was massive, telling the crowd, “They talk about the people that walked down to the Capitol, They don’t talk about the size of that crowd. I believe it was the largest crowd I’ve ever spoken before, and they were there to protest the election.”




In a Sunday column for the Daily Beast, conservative Matt Lewis pointed out that Donald Trump’s much-hyped speech in Arizona following the one-year anniversary of January 6th insurrection was a big dud that barely was mentioned by the press on Sunday morning.



conspiracy theorists are “not exactly a Mensa group.”

“The conspiracy theorists have run wild with that, many of them members of Congress. Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene. Of course, none of that has to do with his status as FBI informant.”

“They thought the FBI put an image of one of their undercover operatives online and said ‘wanted’ and then took it off?” said Tapper, bursting out laughing. “That makes no sense at all.”

“That’s the most specific piece of quote-unquote ‘evidence’ they’ve offered when it comes to this conspiracy theory, Jake,” said Nobles. “There’s just nothing else that would lend you to believe there’s any facts.”

Tapper then said that the conspiracy theorists are “not exactly a Mensa group.”



It’s called the truth.

‘Lord of the Lies’: CNN’s Acosta warns all of Trump’s false stories are starting to catch up with him

Trump ranted about Biden’s crowd sizes and then claimed the GOP is going to do whatever it wants to do. Trump then hung up, refusing to go any further with the interview. 

Acosta thinks that is because “all of Trump’s lies are catching up with the Lord of the Lies. Trump, his advisers, his allies in Congress and on conservative media they’re all drowning in a swamp of lies and that swamp is not draining. But there is a cure for what ails them, and us, and our democracy. It’s called the truth.”