And when you thought you had seen it all…drinking urine to ward off COVID

Alabama’s oft-arrested, heavily armed Christopher Key, who as bonkers head of the Vaccine Police has crossed the country to harass state officials over masks and vaccines, often firing off a flamethrower to “exterminate” the deadly “bioweapons” that are vaccines; in Missouri, he accused vax-giving Walmart pharmacists of “crimes against humanity” for which they’d be hung and “executed in violation of the Nuremberg Code.” Having hawked chlorine dioxide, deer antler spray and apricot seeds, he  now advocates – “it might seem cray cray” – drinking urine to ward off COVID. He cites “tons and tons of research,” also “antidotal” evidence, to support urine therapy; he himself has been drinking his own urine for 23 years, evidently proving, “God’s given us everything we need,” except perhaps a working brain. Meanwhile, in Germany, a shepherd lined up her 700 sheep and goats into the shape of massive syringe, in hopes people would be encouraged to get vaccinated because “sheep are such likeable animals.” Unlike, you know.

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Herschel Walker pushed an unnamed body spray to kill COVID. Too bad that doesn’t actually exist.

Walker was swearing by—and encouraging others to use—unproven mystery treatments, including an allegedly FDA-approved “dry mist” that will “kill any COVID on your body.”

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Herschel Walker Promoted a Non-Existent ‘Dry Mist’ That Could ‘Kill Any Covid on Your Body’ in Resurfaced Interview

“You know they don’t wanna talk about that. They don’t wanna hear about that,” Walker said of the supposed miracle spray

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