Filibuster a drug for Republicans…

Republicans are addicted to the Filibuster. And like any addiction, it ain’t gonna be easy to get the Republicans to kick the habit.

Democrats have to perform an intervention for Republicans. Can Republicans give up the Filibuster or will the withdrawal pains be too difficult? Most arguments in favor of the Filibuster are based solely on traditions, practical experience and uncontrolled anecdotal observations. These arguments have evolved into the present addiction to the Filibuster by Republicans. These arguments are based on unsound blatant misinformation, and the dangerous assumptions Republicans make about the Filibuster are simply bad for America.

The Republican Filibuster epidemic is no different than the Opioid epidemic, or Heroin addiction and abuse, or being an alcoholic. Once you are addicted, it’s damned hard to stop.

A national intervention may be necessary to assist Republicans in kicking the Filibuster addiction.

Intervention Date: November 8, 2022…VOTE the intervention…

The Democrats are a true reflection of America. White, Black, Brown, Asian, Jewish, Gay, Woman, Man, Transgendered, Religious, Not Religious, Atheist, and Republicans are trying to make it difficult to vote, hoping if they do make it more difficult, we won’t vote.  

Republicans can make it more difficult, but they can’t stop us from voting. Because of what Republicans are doing, we Democrats, all of us, must be more resolved to vote.