9 million Americans are looking for jobs…

And there are more than 10 million jobs in the job jar…

The number of open jobs shot above 10 million in June — yet 8.7 million people are still looking for work.



December’s job growth brought the fourth quarter average to 625,000, surpassing the 514,000 average for the year. While job gains eclipsed 6 million in 2021, private sector payrolls are still nearly 4 million jobs short of pre-COVID-19 levels…

All in all, 2021 is ending on a strong note for the job market, with an average of more than 500,000 jobs being created each month of the year, although there have been some wide swings in the numbers.



The number of job openings in the United States decreased to 10.562 million in November 2021 from an upwardly revised 11.033 million in the previous month and below market expectations of 11.075 million. Still, the level of openings remained near record highs, as employers were still having a difficult time filling positions. 

IN JUNE, 2021, 8.7 million people were looking for jobs and there were over 10 million open jobs…

You don’t have to be a goddam genius to see that there are more jobs available than the number of people looking for jobs. So the issue isn’t jobs but matching people looking for jobs with the available jobs, or training the people looking for jobs to fit the available job.

We have a jar with 10 million jobs. You can’t keep stuffing jobs into the jar!

U.S. employers added 199,000 jobs in December — less than half the number than forecasters had expected. At the same time, the unemployment rate dropped to just 3.9%.

Did the jobs added have a person to actually take the position or was the job simply stuffed into the jar?

The average number of jobs per month for 2021 is 500,00 jobs a month and not a single time did I hear any genius talking head on MSNBC or CNN mention this fact.

In political polling, you have an average of polls. There is a reason to look at the average of polls. To smooth out the outliers and most pollsters will tell you that the average of polls is a better indicator of what is actually happening that a single poll. It’s the same thing for jobs reports. The monthly average is a better indicator than any single month and NOT a single time did I hear the monthly average mentioned.

NBC did report that there are more jobs available than at any time in history.

So the problem isn’t that there are no jobs, but the problem is matching up Americans with the jobs that are available or training Americans to match with the jobs… human infrastructure.

I guess I could ramble on, but I think you get my point.