“Organize discontent.”  The Republican strategy.  “Exploit hate.”

The essence of the Republican Party is demonization of others, depicting political foes as dangerous knaves or sinister forces who are hellbent on pushing socialism, or communism, or critical race theory, and/or government control over you, your health care, your money, your family, your whatever. They want to take your guns away. They want to brainwash your children. They want to kill God—or maybe just Christmas.

“Organize discontent. That is our strategy.” 

“Exploit hate.”

So let me tip my hat to Sen. John Kennedy (R-Louisiana) for crafting a solicitation worth noticing. It appeared in my inbox on Christmas Day, with this subject head:

“Jellyfish have more brains than the liberals.”

The only thing this missive contained was a playground taunt: liberals are really stupid. “If you are on my team,” Kennedy wrote, “and have a brain, unlike the DC Radicals, then I’m asking for a quick donation to get us situated for this month.” 

I don’t know who is more gullible, the people who send money to the TV preacher to buy his magic water or Republicans who send money to Sen. John Kennedy from Louisiana… to buy his grift

Peter Popoff Miracle Spring Water Infomercial, Apr 21 2003 : No link included, if you are not familiar with the grift I refer to, copy this into a google search and you can watch on Youtube.

this guy has been selling his magic water to gullible people for many years… almost 20 years and he is still at this scam…

And Kennedy is using the same scam: since you are superior and much smarter than really stupid Liberals, and because you are smarter than really stupid Liberals, you will send me your money…

Nationalism is not the same as patriotism.

‘Patriots’ are undermining American democracy

In his 1861 Cornerstone Speech describing the “revolution” that still stands as the bloodiest war in the history of this continent, Confederate States of America vice-president Alexander H Stephens crowed that he had never met “an abler, wiser, a more conservative, deliberate, determined, resolute, and patriotic body of men” than those who would rather rip their nation in half than discontinue their for-profit human trafficking enterprise. Five years later, the conquered confederacy of traitors would unite to form the Ku Klux Klan, an “institution of chivalry, humanity, mercy and patriotism … noble in sentiment, generous in manhood and patriotic in purpose.”