GOPhers fail at protecting Constitution…

“He went full insurrectionist,” Hayes said of Clark, “and essentially plotted with Trump to use the DOJ to foment Trump’s coup. Even if that required getting rid of his own boss, Jeffrey Rosen,” who was the acting attorney general at the time.

Hayes noted that the plan to push out Rosen and replace him with “coup lackey” Clark was already known, but the report provided new context, including details of a Jan. 3 meeting between Trump, Rosen, his deputy Richard Donoghue, two White House counsels and Clark.



The Senate Judiciary Committee’s interim report on Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn his election loss offers clear and abundant evidence of criminal wrongdoing, according to one legal expert.

The interim report, titled “Subverting Justice,” outlines how the former president and his allies pressured the Department of Justice to overturn the 2020 election, and law professor Ryan Goodman explained how the findings so far portray a violation of the Political Coercion Act, which prohibits the use of threats or intimidation to benefit a political candidate.