Simon says, “Jump off the Empire State Building.”

Bible says, “don’t wear a mask or get a vaccine.” NOT!

An encapsulation of the essence of Christianity Today…so much so it’s laughable…

Nothing in the Bible says you can’t wear a mask. But religious objectors know that.

“The Bible says we’re made in the image of God and Satan tries to cover that up. A mask is a sign of oppression,” Gary Nelson told NBC News. And then it gets worse. He claimed that Muslims and Jews would have been accommodated but that the school administrators “feel safe” persecuting Christians.

A Catholic school in Lansing, Michigan, has sued the state over its mask mandate and claimed that “because God created us in His image, we are masking that image.” Last year, a Republican legislator in Ohio refused to wear a mask, arguing in a Facebook post that the U.S. was founded on “Judeo-Christian Principles” that include “we are all created in the image and likeness of God.”

These claims are laughable. Nothing in the Bible says you can’t wear masks. And you don’t see anti-masker Christians arguing against wearing clothing or hats or sunglasses.

When these conservative Christians start mandating nudity, then they might have a claim about not covering up what God has created.





In one part of the interview, Marquez appeared shocked when Touchet, a self-described Catholic, attacked Pope Francis for encouraging vaccinations.

“Even though the pope got vaccinated and says vaccines are fine and we should be getting them, that doesn’t work for you?” asked Marquez.

“I feel he is a hypocrite,” said Touchet.

“This is — this is God’s messenger on earth,” said Marquez. “This is the Bishop of Rome.”

“He is. He was elected to that position,” said Touchet. “However, he’s not abiding by the Bible.”

NOW we have the worship of Trump

Someone actually took the time to write these words and I actually took the time to read them. The comments in this story are an interesting read.