Larry Elder Campaign Concedes Defeat and Claims Fraud – Before Election Day

It was widely expected that if and when California Gavin Newsom survived a recall attempt after voting ends on September 14, Republicans would allege voter fraud on vague or non-existent grounds. Their lord and master Donald Trump has already, after all, “predicted” a “rigged” election. And since this is an election conducted by a Democratic-controlled state widely deploying mail ballots (which Trump and many other Republicans consider suspect unless it works to their benefit, in which case it is peachy keen), the Big Lie more or less requires them to contest the fairness or legality of any election they lose.



How the California recall could strengthen the push for Covid mandates

It was a strong gust of discontent in the state’s most conservative regions last year over Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stringent measures to fight the Covid-19 pandemic that allowed the recall to qualify for the ballot at all. But now a swell of support in the broader statewide electorate for the more recent steps Newsom has taken to combat the Delta variant outbreak — particularly the vaccine mandates he’s imposed for educators, health care workers and state employees — has positioned him for a potentially resounding victory, according to the latest polls.