One hundred years ago…

…a 21-part expose on the Klan was published in The New York World, exposing the ideology of the group and shocking a nation. Writing Sunday, New York Times columnist Charles Blow noted that the story was such a sensation that at least 18 other papers around the United States ran the stories. People even lined up to get the next installment.

“But, as I read through that coverage to write this column, I was struck by just how resilient Klan ideology has been in the years since The World exposed the group’s systems and rituals; its ideas have been repackaged and dressed up — or, disrobed, as it were — but the core tenets remain the same,” wrote Blow. “I was even struck by how many of the same tactics are still being used to preserve white supremacy and subjugate racial, ethnic and religious minorities in this country.”

“It proves to me that Klan thinking is not really about the organization itself or its tactics — the night riding or cross burning — but about the very meaning of America and who controls it.”