It happened there: how democracy died in Hungary

A new kind of authoritarianism is taking root in Europe — and there are warning signs for America.

…the true face of modern Hungary isn’t gleaming Budapest. It’s the immense security apparatus at the border — the barbed-wire fence, the refugee boys sleeping in the dirt, the border guard making trouble for journalists — that reveals the very modern kind of authoritarian state Hungary has become.

And Tucker Carlson of Fox fame goes to Hungary for a visit with the AUTHORITARIAN in charge…

Over the course of his eight years in power, Prime Minister Orbán has chipped away at the foundations of Hungarian democracy. It has been replaced with an authoritarian regime that wields a cynical interpretation of the law as a weapon; the country is governed by rules like the border journalism permits, regulations that can seem reasonable on their face but actually serve to undermine essential democratic freedoms.

And Tucker Carlson of Fox fame goes to Hungary for a visit with Mr. Orbán

An unending drumbeat of propaganda, from both official state outlets and the private media empires of Orbán allies, demonizes refugees and Muslims, warning of an existential threat to Hungarian society and culture — and touting the Orbán regime as the only thing protecting the country from an Islamic takeover. This trumped-up crisis serves as a legitimation tool for Fidesz’s authoritarianism, a pretext for the government to pass laws undermining its opponents.


That’s because authoritarianism in modern Hungary is a much subtler beast, one that came on quietly and relatively recently.