I’m vaccinated. I’m healthy. I have no symptoms of covid. I’ve been carrying my mask now for several days.

The other night, while shopping at Publix and wearing my vaccinated t shirt, a woman and her daughter thanked me for being vaccinated. I wasn’t wearing a mask, I did have the mask in my hand. The woman and her daughter were both vaccinated and the woman was wearing a mask her daughter wasn’t. The woman in my story is immunocompromised, her immune system’s defenses are low, affecting its ability to fight off infections and diseases. 

What this means is even though I’m vaccinated, I can still be covid infected. The symptoms might be so light that I might not even know that I’m infected. I can still be an infected carrier and being vaccinated doesn’t prevent me from passing my infection onto another person. Even a person who is vaccinated, and if that person is immunocompromised, that person might get covid and could die.

So my wearing a mask isn’t to protect me, it’s to protect the immunocompromised like the lady I met at the Publix the other night.

So beginning today, I will wear a mask.