This is why Republicans are against any investigation of 1.6.21


Officer A.W. stepped out of a tunnel where police were congregated and into the crowd to help Rosanne Boyland, 34, a rioter and QAnon supporter who was trampled by the mob. She died of an accidental drug overdose, according to Washington, DC’s chief medical examiner. Boyland’s body is seen in some of the new videos, which also show her friend screaming for assistance. 

Prosecutors say A.W.’s body-worn camera video shows defendant Jack Whitton leaping over a barricade, knocking A.W. onto his back and attempting to wrestle away his baton. Over A.W.’s head, other rioters hit the police line with flagpoles and metal poles. The crowd drags A.W. into the crowd while he pleads for help. Members of the crowd ignore the plea, one rioter leans down and shouts, “traitor.” Much of the clip is from A.W.’s perspective on the ground looking up.

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