Fascists are at the gates

‘Fascists are at the gates’: Government watchdog delivers dire warning that the US ‘is in grave danger’

Prompted by two stories: the push for infrastructure legislation over voting rights, and Thursday night’s bombshell New York Times report that both Trump Attorneys General Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr had spied on Democrats in Congress, including their staffs, family members and even children, Shaub went to work to wake Americans up about just how bad he thinks things are.

ARE WE CLUELESS ABOUT THE DANGER? Are we all so clueless that we think Taco Bell is a Mexican phone company…?

“I like him too,” Shaub, who is now a Senior Ethics Fellow at the Project On Government Oversight, told a social media user who was defending Biden’s popularity. “But I’m coming to the conclusion that he’s clueless about the danger.”