Trump Supporter stop the steal


Hostetter, who founded a group called the American Phoenix Project in the spring of 2020 to oppose government restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was on his way to D.C. for the “Million MAGA March” in support of then-President Donald Trump. He had some thoughts he wanted to record “for posterity.”

In the darkened interior of his vehicle, he went on a “little bit of a rant.” He regurgitated the unfounded mass voter fraud conspiracy theories he had read on the internet and heard from Trump, the ones that law enforcement officials were worried would get someone killed. Ballot dumps! Computer algorithms! It was all being revealed, he said. “The charade is about to end,” he said, and people would end up in jail.

Then it was time for executions.

“Some people, at the highest levels, need to be made an example of: an execution or two or three,” Hostetter told his audience. “Tyrants and traitors need to be executed as an example so nobody pulls this shit again.”



The 25 richest Americans paid little to no federal income taxes, according to a report released Tuesday by the nonprofit news organization ProPublica, a claim that has reignited debate about the tax code and sparked an investigation by the IRS into the leak of private tax documents.

REPUBLICANS AGAINST any tax increase… Well, we certainly don’t want all these wealthy Americans paying their fair share of income tax!