The disease these People have is, I think, much worse than Covid…

Learning from the mistakes from the Obama administration, the Biden administration focused on the policy outcomes of the legislation instead of focusing on the optics of attempting bipartisanship.

“The Senate approved a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan on Saturday, as Democrats muscled through a marathon debate — and overcame dissent from moderates within their own ranks — to move one step closer to delivering President Biden his first legislative victory. Democrats voted to adopt the bill without any Republican support after a more than 24-hour, around-the-clock session,” The Washington Post reported Saturday. “It will now fall to the House to consider the sweeping package once again before it can become law and any of the aid can be dispersed.”

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The disease these People have is, I think, much worse than Covid...

A least 100 people gathered in front of the Idaho state capitol on Saturday to burn masks, in a protest against measures to limit infections and deaths caused by the coronavirus pandemic.Biden hails ‘giant step’ as Senate passes $1.9tn coronavirus relief billRead more

Some groups, predominantly rightwing, say mask mandates are a restriction of their freedoms. Health experts say they help slow the spread of the disease.

More than 170,000 Idaho residents have been infected with the virus in the last year and nearly 1,900 have died. Johns Hopkins University puts the US case count at nearly 29m and the death toll at more than 523,000.

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