The American Flag Flies For Democracy, Not Against It

I fly an American flag in the front yard. I actually fly several. I have one that hangs on a window in the front of the house. I have a flag that hangs on a window on one side of the house. I also have several small 4th of the July flags the I’ve placed around the house. One could say that I’ve gone over the top.

When I see an American Flag flown in the yard of a neighbor who I know voted for Trump, I wonder what that flag represents? Surely that flag doesn’t represent what the flag I fly in my yard represents. How can that be? I sometimes wonder if I should fly the American Flag if a Trump Insurrectionist can also fly the same flag. Or if the American Flag has the same significance that it once had?

These words say it better than I ever can.

This week, when we saw security videos shown at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, we realized many rioters used the same sticks and poles, on which they waved those flags, to smash their way in to the U.S. Capitol, and beat officers who guarded its chambers.

Those stars and stripes are the same flag New York City firefighters raised over the rubble at Ground Zero, and that astronauts unfurled on the soil of the moon. It is the same flag seen just across the river from the U.S. Capitol, in the sculpture of the Iwo Jima memorial, that immortalizes the U.S. Marines who advanced through gunfire up Mount Suribachi in 1945, and raised the flag to inspire Marines to keep going.

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