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Why Wind Turbines In Cold Climates Don’t Freeze: De-Icing And Carbon Fiber

wind power is a major resource in Texas: it supplied 23% of the state’s electricity in 2020, second only to the 40% share by natural gas, and had been producing a larger share than normal before the widespread outages. Wind has also attracted an outsize share of blame for the Texas fiasco, including a Wall Street Journal editorial that attacked its susceptibility to the freezing weather as another sign of its unreliability. 

So it’s fair to ask: why don’t wind turbines fail all the time in colder climates, such as Canada, Sweden or the American Midwest? 

The answer, in short, is that turbines in colder places are typically equipped with de-icing and other tools, such as built-in heating. In Texas during the historic cold snap, they were not. 


The Republican brain Trust in Texas made the decision not to spend the money for the safeguards. And Americans in Texas are without power and heat and are dying because of this incompetence.


Texas’ secessionist inclinations have at least one modern outlet: the electric grid. There are three grids in the Lower 48 states: the Eastern Interconnection, the Western Interconnection — and Texas.



The Texas grid is called ERCOT, and it is run by an agency of the same name — the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. ERCOT does not actually cover all of Texas. El Paso is on another grid, as is the upper Panhandle and a chunk of East Texas.

El Paso spared rolling blackouts partly due to being outside ERCOT system… which is not in the Republican ERCOT Grid and suggest how incompetent Republicans manage governments.

EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) — Like the rest of Texas, the border city of El Paso was slammed by the winter storm that has gripped much of the nation. But unlike the rest of Texas, El Paso has not been subjected to ongoing widespread power outages.