ON MORNING JOE THIS MORNING, there was conversation about schools reopening. The role that science plays in making the decision to reopen and the role that the teacher unions will play in making the decision.

Joe Biden was criticized because he is listening to the teachers union and not science. Science, according to Coffee Joe “believes” that the schools can reopen. Belief is not science. People believe in an afterlife, but there is no science evidence to support this belief. So what is the evidence to support the opinion of science that schools can reopen safely? Reopen safely for children and adults. The criteria for reopening safely for children isn’t the criteria to reopen safely for adults.

What is the evidence? I’ve seen lots of rhetoric about the safety of reopening, but no evidence. During his show today, 2.11.21, Joe Scarborough says that Science “believes” it is safe to reopen the schools.

Science doesn’t operate in the realm of belief. Science provides knowledge. If these “scientist believe” that an event will happen, we simply don’t have science.

The students are not the only individuals that have a vulnerability if schools reopen. Teachers, staff and many other individuals are also exposed. The teachers unions represent these teachers. They have a voice that President Joe Biden must and should listen to. For Joe Scarborough to dismiss these voices is, (what are the words I can choose to finish this sentence?) disingenuous. Simply not the position that someone that pretends to be a member of the 4th estate should take.

I think Joe Biden is taking the appropriate course of action. Listen to all the voices that have a dog in the hunt.

The following paragraph is from some of the “science”…

Educational staff and adults within the school setting are generally not seen to be at a higher risk of infection than other occupations, although educational roles that put one in contact with older children and/or many adults may be associated with a higher risk.

There is a general consensus that the decision to close schools to control the COVID-19 pandemic should be used as a last resort. 

What is this “general consensus” based on? What is the evidence to make the statement?

Children of all ages are susceptible to and can transmit SARS-CoV-2. Younger children appear to be less susceptible to infection, and when infected, less often lead to onward transmission than older children and adults.

the eu website


If a teacher encounters one of the “exceptions to the general rule”, that teacher is just as sick as someone who is exposed to an adult who has covid. Whether I’m exposed to covid from the exception to the general rule or not, I am just a sick and run the risk of dying…

I personally think that the science is telling me that there is risk to any teacher under current conditions if the schools reopen and teachers return to teach. And the likeliness of a teacher getting sick from covid can’t be ruled out. The teachers union owes a responsibility and due diligence to all it’s members to represent them is this situation. It would be malpractice not to do so.

President Biden listening to the teachers unions is appropriate and Joe Scarborough should simply get a grip on reality not belief. Joe Scarborough’s comments have an odor of 2 day old dead fish.



Can teachers be given a 0 percent chance of getting sick from covid by science?

If the schools reopen?

Can science offer a 5 percent chance?… I don’t think so.