Members of TheDonald’s Cult are now seeing that TheDonald wears NO CLOTHES.

"What a punch in the gut. He says it's going to be wild, and then when 
it gets wild, he calls it a heinous attack."

the raw story

Three days before supporters of President Donald Trump rioted at the Capitol, the Pentagon asked the U.S Capitol Police if it needed National Guard manpower. And as the mob descended on the building Wednesday, Justice Department leaders reached out to offer up FBI agents. The police turned them down both times, according to senior defense officials and two people familiar with the matter.


So a few of my own words. January Sixth was the One thousand four hundred and forty seventh day of TheDonald’s American nightmare in the White House.

I knew what kind of creature was a candidate to become the forty fifth President of the United States. It was obvious if you had been paying attention to the documented life of Mr. Trump. There was ample evidence of exactly the kind of maniac Mr. Trump was at the time and would become if elected President.

It didn’t take a genius to recognize what Trump was and was capable of becoming.


I was in the Army for several years in the early seventies. I was drafted, but I took and oath to defend the Constitution from external enemies as well as domestic enemies.

I voted for Hillary Clinton. My first action to protect America from TheDonald. Many millions of Americans saw through the FAKE facade of TheDonald. We knew who theDonald was from the very beginning. We knew the Donald was a dangerous magamanic… some of us spent many hundreds of hours exposing the TRUE Trump to the American people.

And Trump has not disappointed his many critics. Trump is guilty of Sedition and worse against the American Republic. He should resign and crawl back under his rock never to be heard from again… but Trump is just one person; there are many millions of mini Trumps out there all over America, and apparently some mini Trumps in the Senate and House of Representatives just waiting to fill theDonald void.

The Red Hat Cult has 74 million members. They feed on the Lies and misinformation spewed by Trump. Trump lost his MAGAPHONE last night when Twitter shut his account down. Many other social media organizations have made the decision not to allow Trump to use their platforms to spew his LIES.

Who Trump is culminated on January Sixth when he instigated an insurrection against the Democratic Republic of the United States of America. I knew who he was from the first Republican Primary debate in 2015. Many other Americans also knew who he was.

Sad that Republicans didn’t know, or simply didn’t care who Trump is.

The Worse American to ever occupy the White House. The Worse President Ever.

America is just a few days from eighty-sixing 45.

Thoughts on the Trump insurrection:

Republican Rats are not jumping ship… and claiming to be the biggest protectors of the Constitution against the Trump attack. Ted Cruz… for example. Republicans had opportunity to deal with Mr. Trump several times… after the mueller report… when good Americans saw the need to impeach Mr. Trump and these Republicans who now claim to be the protectors of the Constitution from Trump did NOTHING… and now they claim they were at the front of the battle against Mr. Trump’s attack…

… there are many who still support the sedition of Mr. Trump… after Lindsay Graham spoke on Tuesday Night, he is now being attacked by Trumpist as a traitor to the Trump Cause…

Simply put, if you still support Trump, you need to truly take a good look at who you are… and think about this phrase: An unexamined life simply ain’t worth living… give yourself a good examination…

My front yard in 2017-2018