Conservative groups alleging without evidence that President-elect Joe Biden stole the U.S. election gathered for protests across the country on Saturday, including one in Washington that threatened to turn violent as darkness fell.

Organizers of Stop The Steal, linked to pro-Trump operative Roger Stone, and church groups urged supporters to participate in “Jericho Marches” and prayer rallies.


What is a Conservative? A Conservative by any definition is someone who wants to conserve something. Sometimes you have to conserve your payday. Make it go further. Sometimes you have to conserve the amount of money you have to buy food with, or money you can use for health care.

Does this make you a “Conservative”?

I’m retired. I have to conserve my resources all the time. Does this make me a conservative?

So what are these “Conservative Groups” who want to prevent the rightful winner of the current Presidential Election from being sworn in as the 46th President trying to conserve?

Maybe these “conservative groups” are trying to conserve the values of the Constitution? So what are the values of the Constitution? Maybe they want to conserve the values of the Declaration of Independence? Or the values of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address?

Maybe these Conservative Groups want to conserve the values of Jesus… the values of the Christian Religion?

I think they miss the mark on conserving the values of Jesus!

Either prayer don't work or God ain't listening to your voices...

… maybe God has a better option… since you puny humans can’t get it right, God will over-ride your human frailties…

All that White Evangelical Christian prayer for Trump and Joe Biden will still be President.

Biggest Loser: Prayer

Prayer didn’t beat Covid: Science beat Covid.

Sometimes I think we are too GENEROUS when we call some Americans “Conservatives”… because I don’t think they know what a conservative is.