Trump’s Closing Message: I Will Cheat

TRUMP finished with a pledge to not count lawful votes, attacks on the country’s coronavirus expert and praise for a treasonous Confederate general.

Over the years, states have taken varying amounts of time to count all their ballots, with California often needing weeks to finish. Further, most states permit ballots from military service members, diplomats and other Americans abroad that arrive as much as two weeks after Election Day to be counted, so long as they were sent by that Tuesday.

Bob Bauer, an elections lawyer for Biden, added: “It’s telling that President Trump is more focused on his lawyers than his voters.”

The laying out of his plan to cheat voters was just one unusual element of Trump’s closing argument, which included an admission Sunday that he would like to fire the nation’s leading infectious disease expert in the middle of a pandemic, repeated attacks on his opponent’s son’s laptop computer, and renewed attempts to win over supporters of the Confederacy, a century-and-a-half-old revolt against the United States for the purpose of perpetuating slavery.

“What a place. Never fight uphill, me boys, right? That was ― Robert E. Lee said, ‘Never fight uphill!’” Trump said wistfully last week about the Confederate general at the pivotal battle of Gettysburg. “He heard they were fighting uphill, but they didn’t have cellphones in those days. They tried to get them to stop, but they fought uphill.”


Charlie Cook gives final 2020 preview

“He expects Democrats in the House of Representatives to pick up more seats to strengthen their majority, by about ten more seats,” he continued. “And the United States Senate, which will be my focus of coverage tomorrow night, Charlie Cook says the Senate is increasingly less the case whether Democrats will take a majority, but how how large it will be.”

“It tells me the names on the jersey are more important than the color of the jersey. Sometimes you’re the party, sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug and this year just like in 2006, it looks like the Republicans are the bug,” he explained.