Trump fatigue:Radical Assault on American Democracy:bad news for Trump in 2020

It’s a message that worried down-ballot candidates have been trying to telegraph to the president in recent weeks, fearing a “Republican bloodbath” on Nov. 3. But the “let Trump be Trump” energy remains strong, even as it’s clear that letting him talk about whatever is on his mind instead of focusing on the economy or contrasting himself with Joe Biden isn’t working out too well.

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223,000 Americans dead from Trump FLU… and Trump can’t protect America because Trump couldn’t protect Trump from Trump FLU… in the words of the Red Hat Cult Holy Don… “… you dumb bastards…”

On Monday night, four Supreme Court justices signaled their desire to throw a bomb in the 2020 election—and every election thereafter. Their effort to sabotage the current race failed by one vote when Chief Justice John Roberts refused to go along with the plot, allowing Pennsylvania to ease mail-in voting rules in light of the pandemic. But these four ultraconservative justices will soon be joined by Amy Coney Barrett. And they have made it clear that once Barrett is confirmed, the Supreme Court will pose a clear and present danger to American democracy.

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Final weeks of 2016: massive Dem denial about district-level polling that showed Trump breaking through (see replies to this tweet).

Final weeks of 2020: massive Dem paranoia, even though district-level polling consistently shows Trump running well behind his ’16 margins.Quote Tweet

An important point about his claims is that Wasserman, a nonpartisan analyst, is privy to a lot of information that isn’t publicly available. While there’s a lot of public national and state-level polling, district-level polls are harder to come by. Many pollsters keep this info private, though they will share it with people like Wasserman. This data can give a closer glimpse into trends and demographic changes in the electorate that other polls may be missing.

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“I know something about political figures and observable signs of illness from afar,” Richard E. Cytowic M.D. wrote in Psychology Today“… The American public deserves an accurate account of our president’s health.”

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Resurfaced Clip Of Biden Comforting Parkland Families Has People In Tears

The former vice president’s empathy was on full display after the 2018 Florida high school massacre.