Somehow, I can’t seem to fully separate from the three dogs that shared my space for 15 years. I’m drawn back to them on occasion. Here is a collection of photographs of these 3 dogs and my new pup and cat. The collection, I think stands on its own. A story told with a few photographs.

The first photograph on the first row from the top is my cat, Trek. I’ve been feeding feral cats and abandoned cats for about 5 years. He showed up one morning with the feral cats. He was about 10 weeks old. He hung around and didn’t let the older feral cats run him off and in a few days he was tame enough that I could take him into the house. This was about 2 years ago. He is a house cat, but sometimes I get involved with indoor out door activities and I will have the door open and he will get outside… like on Monday. He was out for several hours. Eventually returning and I was able to get him into the house. I wish i could let him outside, but the road in front of my house is dangerous, so I keep him inside. The feral cats have figured the road out… I have 4 black feral cats and 1 gray. The oldest feral is about 5 years old and still lives out side. He has tamed down to where he is as friendly as the little cat that lives in the house. The difference is that the cat and my dog have lived with each other almost all their lives. The dog and feral have not and neither could live with each other inside the house.

The second photograph on the top row is my first dog since I’ve lived in my current house. I lived in my house now since October 31st 1990. So I’m coming up on 30 years. I brought Lakoda home in October of 2003. She liked being part of my life. She enjoyed being in my company and I could manage her off leash because she wanted nothing to do with anyone else. She ignored other people. She wasn’t aggressive, she simply wouldn’t have anything to do with anyone. And would always keep her distance from other dogs as and people. She would stay inside my shadow. Needless to say, she was a great dog.

The third frame is Blue and Dingo. The final frame is Blue in the back yard. I brought Blue home to be a companion for Lakoda, and of course Lakoda could care less. I found Blue in the classified ads of the local news paper. Wanted: someone who wants an 8 month old Siberian Husky: FREE. I drove up and over Suck Creek Mountain and met Blue for the first time. After a 4 or 5 minute conversation, I agreed to give Blue a new home. I renamed him and don’t recall what his old name was. Blue was a TOUGH dog to live with in the first 6 months he lived with me. I will save you the details for now… maybe in a later story.

Dingo is the black and white mixed breed dog. He was the 3rd dog in the pack. When the relationship between Lakoda and Blue didn’t develop, I brought home a 3rd dog. The pictures show Dingo from the day I brought him home to one photo shortly after his brain surgery to remove the brain tumor that eventually took his life.

One photo of Lakoda near the end of her life in a wagon I bought to haul her around because she was too weak to walk. I would take her to the park and allow her to roam around for a rew minutes. The park was half a mile from the house. There is a photo of Blue a few days after coming home. And a photo of the three urns… Dingo in the back, Lakoda in the middle and Blue in the foreground.

And a few photos of my new dog PI.

I saw recently a meme attributed to of all people, Charlie Sheen. It was a split image of a million dollar yacht and a small puppy. The caption read something like, “Which would you rather have, a million dollar yacht or your puppy living as long as you do?” Easy Choice Right.

Anyway, thought I would share photos collected over the years of Lives Well Lived.