Trump campaign accused of ‘laundering’ 170 million — companies linked to Brad Parscale are implicated

“The Campaign Legal Center, a nonpartisan campaign finance watchdog group, filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission Tuesday accusing the Trump campaign of “laundering” $170 million through numerous companies, some with connections to former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale.” 


The complaint accuses the TRUMP campaign and the Trump Make America Great Again Committee of disguising nearly $170 million in ILLEGAL campaign spending.

CNN host threatens to cut off Trump spokesman when interview goes off the rails: ‘It is not OK’

Here's why TRUMP'S TAX CHEATING matters: because federal taxes pay for things like the military — that the president said he so strongly supports. It pays the salary of Secret Service members that secure him every single day. It pays for roads, bridges — I could go on. And the average American, in 2017, Brian, paid $12,199 in federal income taxes. Why does the president believe that he owes 16 times less?


Trump’s tax avoidance/EVASION is a national disgrace. 

Americans paid for Trump’s $73m tax refund – and he’s laughing all the way to the bank

The New York Times paints a picture of an elaborate shell game in which losses from some of his companies are used to wipe out tax liabilities elsewhere. It is not always clear how much of his “losses” are real losses rather than creative accounting, but the Times suggests that Trump may be both living large on hundreds of millions in annual income and overseeing distressed and unprofitable businesses.

We had known some of this already. Trump had admitted publicly that he used a $916m loss reported on his 1995 tax return to avoid paying any federal income tax for years. Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen testified last year that he remembered Trump “showing him a huge check from the US Treasury some years earlier” and commenting “that he could not believe how stupid the government was for giving someone like him that much money back”. But now we have stark confirmation of the facts: Trump is a billionaire who doesn’t pay his taxes, leaving the financial responsibility for funding the government to ordinary working people.

It’s a national disgrace.


“From the back seat of a stretch limousine heading to meet the first contestants for his new TV show “The Apprentice,” Donald J. Trump bragged that he was a billionaire who had overcome financial hardship. ‘I used my brain, I used my negotiating skills and I worked it all out,” he told viewers. “Now, my company is bigger than it ever was and stronger than it ever was.’

It was all a hoax,” the newspaper reported Monday evening.