Trump Gets Pummeled by a Wave of Boos While Visiting RBG’s Casket

The president catches another rare glimpse of how much some voters hate him.

Though he was wearing a mask, Trump’s displeasure and uneasiness, as he fidgeted while taking in the sea of loud boos, could not be concealed.



New rounds of state polls show troubling trend for Trump


JOE BIDEN: “I’m not the guy who said the problem with the Revolutionary War is we didn’t have enough airports. I’m not the guy who said the attack that took down the trade towers was on 7-Eleven.” AND WHO CAN FORGET Thighland, Covfefe AND Yo Semite OR THE 1917 Spanish FLU Pandemic brought World War II TO AN END. “He’s following the radical left agenda,” TRUMP ranted recently, “HE WILL Take away your guns. Destroy your Second Amendment. No religion! No anything! HE WILL Hurt the Bible! Hurt God! He’s against God! He’s against guns!,” says the man who gassed peaceful protesters so he could walk across Lafayette Park to stand stupidly in front of a church with a bible turned upside down for a photo op.


Local state representative demands investigation of Hamilton Co. Election Commission

The Hamilton County Election Commission is under fire for allegedly using practices that some community members believe could lead to voter suppression.

IF this is going on in RUBY RED Tennessee and RUBY RED Hamilton County, what are Republicans up to in states that matter?

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Mr. Steelman previously worked in the office of Congressman Chuck Fleischmann and for former Congressman Zach Wamp, who are both Republicans…