Trump fact-checked as ‘quite delusional’

Trump fact-checked as ‘quite delusional’ at rally that Fox News did not even air

I was 18 in 1968. Too young to vote. I was drafted in 1969. Too young to vote but old enough to die. Donald Trump received 5 deferments from his responsibility to his country. The last for FAKE bone spurs. And 40 percent of Americans love this FAKE America. Birds of a feather flock together.

The voting law was changed so by the time I was 21, I was old enough to vote in the 1972 election. In 1972, America in it’s infinite wisdom, having made a mistake in 1968 electing Nixon, re-elected Nixon in 1972. Corrupt and Criminal, Nixon resigned because of Corrupt and Criminal behavior.

Sound familiar?

But I digress…

“Quite delusional” used to describe Trump at a Trump Rally. I will use 1968 as a reference point. Even though I could not vote that year, I was tuned in to the election. Mostly because of Vietnam…

… and never ever have I ever heard any President described as “Quite delusional.”

Trump began by lashing out at Gov. Steve Sisolak (D-NV), but veteran Nevada political reporter Jon Ralson said was “pure fiction” and “delusional.”

But Trump has been called many things in his almost 4 years that I have never heard a President called… not even Nixon.

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But then, a Sitting President has never been defended by the department of Justice for RAPE either… until Trump.