Older voters love Joe Biden…


flags for former Vice President Joe Biden are flying alongside ones for Trump. Democratic retirees in the Villages started organizing rival golf cart parades with homemade signs saying “End the Trumpdemic,” and some make a point to do their weekly shopping trips at Publix wearing Biden/Harris T-shirts or hats. A roadside rally over Labor Day weekend drew over 80 people, more than double the size of any previous one, organizers told Vox.

It’s a “statement that we exist,” said Villages resident and Biden supporter Sara Nir Branscome, 60. “What I’m seeing here is, by far, more Biden signs on our lawns, our golf carts.”


I’ve been looking at the cross tabs of a recent poll in Wisconsin. One thing jumps out at me.

Other than the fact that Biden leads with Likely Voters 47 to 43 with a 4 point error range and 46 to 40 with registered voters with a 4 point error range, I was fascinated with the 5 percent who say they will vote for the 3rd party candidate, Jo Jorgensen.

Third party voters are perpetual losers. They vote for a candidate that has NO chance of winning. Why? These voters, like any voter, have issues that are important to them. What are these issues?

The Green Party Candidate is Howie Hawkins. He has zero chance of being elected President. So a vote for Howie is simply pissing in the wind. Ever piss in the wind? Don’t try it. You get nothing in return. You will get nothing in return for your vote for Howie Hawkins.

“The two governing parties are presiding over a failed state. The coronavirus epidemic, the climate meltdown, inequality with declining working-class life expectancies and a nuclear arms race out of control with none of the candidates talking about it,” Hawkins, 67, who co-founded the U.S. Green Party in the 1990s, told Newsweek in an interview. “So, we need to go in another direction.”

The last time a Green Party Candidate won the White House was in…? Number of times the Green Party has won the White House is: 0 times.

You agree with the Green Party Candidate on 5 issues. Do the math. 5 times 0 = 0, so anything you want accomplished with your vote for the Green Party Candidate, ain’t gonna’ get done.

I would remind Mr. Hawkins and any supporter that the American government has 3 separate but co equal branches. The Executive Branch, The Legislative Branch ( the House and the Senate) and the Judicial Branch. Each Branch works within the constraints of the other. Granted, Donald Trump has blown the concept out of the water. But a President can’t get much done without the consent of the other branches. Donald Trump has prevented a lot from happening but he hasn’t done much.

Mr. Hawkins includes Joe Biden in the current “failed state” because of the 2 party system, Democrat and Republican. The failed response to Covid. Without the consent of the Senate and the President, there isn’t much the Democrat House can do. The failed response to Covid rest squarely on the shoulders of the Republican controlled Senate and the Republican President. I want something done about Covid, so I’m voting for Joe Biden. So with my vote for Joe Biden, there is a chance that something good will be done about Covid. A vote for the Green Candidate has zero chance of anything getting done… a vote flushed down the toilet. And the same goes for all the other issues the Green Party Candidate advocates… there is zero chance that Mr. Hawkins will ever get anything done, because there is zero chance he will be elected.

One thing is certain. A vote for Mr. Hawkins is a FAILED VOTE. Take your mail in ballot, drop it into the toilet and flush. Don’t worry about Mr. Trump stealing your vote, you are flushing it away.

And the Libertarian Ms. Jorgensen. She received 5 percent of the vote in the Wisconsin poll… she has zero chance of being elected president. If you have issues you care about and you vote for Ms. J, you have zero chance that anything will ever be done.

“There is,” Ms. J says, “an ugly two-headed monster ruling our country who is destroying our economy, invading our privacy, and eating away our rights,” And if you vote for Ms. J, there is zero chance anything will be done about anything she advocates, because she has zero chance of being elected. So if you plan to vote for Ms. J in November, the impact of your vote will be zero. Don’t worry about Mr. Trump stealing your vote in November, because your vote simply doesn’t matter.

So flush your ballot and sit this one out… perpetual third party losers.

Or, you can accept that it’s better to have a candidate that might fix 60 percent of your issues with a 95 percent chance of winning. You may not get all you expect but you will get something. Even if that something is NO Trump in the White House.